Reliable Sealbag for packing money and transporting valuables

You want to seal your currency and valuables securely. Discover on this page how Transposafe helps you on your way.

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The right Sealbag for money is essential

The proper sealing of valuables is of unprecedented importance in the transport of valuables.

Coin and banknote packaging

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The right packaging for valuable shipments

Our coin and banknote Sealbag® is of very strong quality. The seals cannot be opened without visible traces. This is definitely what you can expect from sealing and transporting your valuable shipments. Sustainability and quality are therefore self-evident.


Our products for coins and banknotes

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Visit the webshop

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With our expertise in the banking sector, our own production and R&D, we supply not only standard products but also personalised products developed together with you for coin and banknote applications.


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