Reliable seals for sealing bags

You want the right seal for sealing bags. Transposafe will gladly help you with that!

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The right seals for bags are important!

Thanks to our extensive range and many years of experience, we have the right seal for every type of bag.

The right bag seal for every situation

Sealing bags is more than the right seal

Make sure that the seal is serrated

Avoid process problems when sealing bags

If you only find out during the process that you are using the wrong seal for sealing bags, you are far too late. This costs time, money and increases the chances of fraud.

With our help, you can prevent this from happening. Tell us your situation and we will help you find the right seal and set up the process.


Our products for sealing bags

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Visit the webshop

Looking for the right solution?

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Every situation is unique. We are happy to use our many years of experience to provide you with the right solution.

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