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By continuously investing in our own research and development, we are always at the forefront of knowledge about products and solutions for the security challenges in your market.

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research and development

The development of a metal detectable seal

A large company in the food industry had the challenge of guaranteeing the quality of its loads and preventing food wastage. Transposafe’s specialists researched the supply chain and developed a metal detectable seal specifically for this international company, tailored and suited to the company’s complex supply chain.

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The security world developed by

Security of goods and transport is a race to keep theft, fraud and discussion at bay. What is good today may be outdated tomorrow.

Transposafe continuously makes time and money available for research into new applications.

And as a knowledge leader in the international market, Transposafe invests in the development of new products and services that offer solutions for the issues of today and tomorrow. For this purpose, we make use of our worldwide network of manufacturers and knowledge centres.

Our hallmarks:

  • Experts with knowledge of the latest developments in your industry
  • Independent partner with a worldwide network of manufacturers and knowledge centres
  • The widest portfolio of solutions adapted to your situation
  • In-house customisation and personalisation
  • International presence with local knowledge teams
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