Carefree on the road with seals for transport bins

With our seals for distribution bins, you prevent (internal) theft and fraud during the transport of valuable products.

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Meet all requirements for safe transport

To transport food, medicine, laptops or other valuables in crates, you need to meet several requirements.

Theft and high loss costs

As strong as the weakest link

Seals with the right certification

Prevention of theft with the right transport container seal

Internal theft is a major problem. You can prevent this by using the right transport container seal. The distribution and transport bins you use daily for transporting your valuable goods can be sealed and secured easily with our seals.


Which seal should I choose?

You are in doubt as to which seal to use. Our team of specialists is ready to give you tailor-made advice.


How do you seal your distribution bins?

From sealing crates for medicines to laptops, from expensive toothpaste to mobile phones — we are here to help:

We will reply within one working day.