Suitcases, cases and seal bags for confidential documents

Ensure that your confidential documents arrive safely and unopened at their destination with our seals.

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The right seals are of great importance

In addition to choosing the right product, the design of the process is of great importance. Let us help you with this.

As strong as the weakest link

Specific challenges, unique solutions

High security through personalisation

We help you seal confidential documents!

Nobody wants the negative consequences of unauthorised opening of confidential documents. Both you and the customer want confidential documents to be safely stored.

By using the right product combined with a comprehensive process, we help you gain insight into risks.


Products for sealing confidential documents

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Sustainable, safe and reliable transport of confidential documents

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Make use of more than 25 years of experience

Every situation requires different solutions. Let our experienced experts think along with you.


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