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RFID seals in supply chain management and logistics

For several years in a row, there has been an increase in freight transport. In particular, the number of goods transported within national borders continues to grow. All these goods must, of course, be moved safely and responsibly, but how do you do this correctly? In this blog, we will explain how smart seals can help you optimize your processes.

Mapping the logistics process

The main purpose of sealing is to safeguard and secure your freight. The addition of a seal helps to prevent fraud, smuggling, discussion and theft of the freight. There are many kinds of seals, but each seal has its own purpose. 

What if these seals could be connected? Imagine that you don't need to visually check each seal to confirm its presence, identity or even know its status. Thanks to technologies like RFID, it is now possible to get more from your seal. 


What is RFID? 

RFID stands for Radio Frequence Identification. This technology captures digtal data encoded in smart labels/seals/tags through a reader via radio waves. 

Initially the application of RFID was very similar to the barcode or even the magnetic strip of a credit card. Then, the most significant advantage of using RFID over barcode was that it didn't need to be placed or positioned relatively to the scanner.  No struggle anymore to properly place the label in front of the scanner to be read. Over the years, RFID technology could do much more than a barcode allowing bi-directional information. 


The benefits of RFID in the supply chain

Locate, identify, track and trace multiple assets at once from  distance without ever having to lay eyes on them. Or cover your entire workplace with well placed fixed RFID scanners to maximally accelerate asset tracking. Quickly guide employees to the assets they need in the most optimal order, fully automate inventories and check any outgoing cargo for completeness in seconds.

Gain additional insights from automatically captured data on all sealed assets to fully inform strategic decision making on capital asset numbers, their locations, preventive maintenance and environmental elements. Decisions on stock levels can be supported by the latest data, generated and collected automatically, to further drive business efficiency and profitability, all by giving your assets a unique, digital identity.


Several categories of RFID seals

UHF-RFID-Seal_3This UHF RFID Bolt Seal is specifically designed for the needs of high-volume ports and companies. This RFID bolt seal has all the same security features of a traditional ISO 17112:2013 High security bolt seal but the addition of an RFID chip allows for automatic identification of any container or transport vehicle as it passes through an RFID reader.
The RFID chip will also change from status when attempting to break the seal. This is the ideal solution to efficiently
process high volumes of containers or trucks while guaranteeing cargo security.
Thanks to the UHF RFID chip, you can scan, identify and locate multiple items at one from a distance.


The NFC RFID Cable seal has a high security level. The zinc cast insert offers maximum security against tampering. The housing, made of shockproof and non-flammable ABS, will fade when manipulated. This makes tampering easy to observe.
The cable-seal is printed using laser engraving techniques, this is a permnent engraving which is very hard to remove
or manipulate. Thanks to the inner construction, there is only one way to close this seal. The cable will fray when cut.


The UHF RFID Ts-Seal 330-FT is a user friendly adjustable length seal. Thanks to the metal insert in the security chamber, this seal has a higher security level. This indicative seal has a smooth, flat strong tail and can be applied easily by hand.

These are just a few examples of possible RFID seals. Contact us to discuss your need & develop the perfect seal for you. 


Choosing the right seal with certainty

It is not easy to choose the right seal in your logistics process. Besides taking care of the production process, finding the right seal may not be high on your list of priorities. However, you do like your freight secured, and this offers a lot of peace and security. A partner from whom you can seek advice can be very helpful. Discover what one of our supply chain security specialists can do for you. Request free advice. 


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