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Tampering of your trucks or containers reported in real time: Electronic GPS Security Seal

The Electronic GPS Security Seal is the solution that consists of a portable electronic security seal with GPS module., that secures loading space of trucks and containers, and a tracking platform, integrated with customers' Transport Management software.

Real time tampering alert


Every tampering with the devices is reported in real time via email and SMS. 

In addition to security of the transported cargo, the system also helps to increase efficiency of logistic processes - it visualises the current status of delivery, indicates delayed vehicles, summarises mileage and distances covered and reports delivery windows - duration of operations at the destination. 

The system helps our customers to improve KPI in the areas of shrinkage, unknown losses, transport security and punctuality of deliveries. 



 Implement the 7R rules

The essence of this action is reflected in the 7R (right) rules. It describes seven elements that must be met in order for the process of receiving, storing and transporting materials or products to be effective:

  • right product (correct product)
  • right quantity
  • right condition
  • right place
  • right time
  • right customer
  • right price

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