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Transposafe is the security expert in supply chain. Our high-quality products and services help you prevent theft, fraud and discussions during transport.

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Transposafe, your expert in supply chain security.


The dedication to our customer allows us to understand the challenges and issues in our customer’s supply chain from A to Z.

We use this knowledge to implement customised solutions to ensure and optimise safety and security in the supply chain.

We can only secure your supply chain together!

Our high-quality seals meet all the high market demands. In many cases, a standard solution is sufficient. Yet, no process is the same. This means that uniform solutions are not always suitable for your process. We will walk through the process with you to identify the bottlenecks. Thanks to our advice, customisation and our own R&D department, we are able to develop a unique solution per bottleneck that enables you to secure your supply chain.


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